Final Fantasy 15 Will Likely Have A Second Season Pass

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Square Enix’s most recent main entry in the Final Fantasy series was met with mixed reception when it launched last year, but the game’s post-launch plans from the developer has impressed its fans. With all the recent leaks and reveals for the game, it looks like a lot more is planned for Final Fantasy 15. Will Square Enix release another Season Pass for the game?

A ton of leaks have revealed that Square Enix is far from done with Final Fantasy 15 and the long term plan for it could last up until March 2018. Square Enix has offered a Season Pass  before, but since there’s already a ton of content up ahead, it’s possible that the developer might add in another Season Pass.

The first Season Pass includes three character episodes as well as multiplayer content. The first of the extra episodes; Episode Gladiolus, just launched recently, so there’s Ignis’ and Prompto’s episodes still to come. Unless Square Enix is planning on releasing future content updates for free, then a Season Pass is possible.

Other Possible DLCs

The floor is open for a ton of possible DLCs in the game. Square Enix has said before that it will focus on single characters for their episodes. One of the rumored DLC episodes is one for Aranea, whom fans have wanted to see for a long time now. The developers have also confirmed that they are aware of the huge fan interest for an Aranea DLC.

Just recently, game director Hajima Tabata told Game Legends that they’re planning a DLC episode for the main antagonist of the game, Ardyn. Aside from this, there are a lot more in store for Final Fantasy 15.

One of the upcoming content updates is rumored to be revealed at E3 2017 and is due out next year.  It will be called World of Versus and it will detail what occurred during the transition to Chapter 13 to Chapter 14. 

Moreover, the game’s roadmap has also been allegedly leaked and it reveals that there are a ton of content planned until March 2018. If the leak is true, then players are really in for a treat. One of the alleged upcoming update includes older character models for Aranea, Cor, Cid, Cidney, and Monica. It’s possible these assets will be used for an upcoming unannounced expansion. 

More Free Content Before Second Season Pass

Aside from the leaks and all confirmed content for the Season Pass, there’s still a ton of free features that Square Enix is currently working on. There’s a an off-road Regalia, a full monster bestiary, the delayed Power Rangers look-alike “Magitek Exosuit” costumes,  additional cutscenes for important characters, God Mode, and plenty more.

We’ve yet to know how Square Enix plans on executing the next set of DLCs, but it could be paid DLCs. We’ll have to wait for Square Enix’s official word on whether or not another Season Pass is going to be offered.

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