Final Fantasy 15 Search And Rescue Guide: Where To Find The Person In Distress

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Final Fantasy 15

In the first area of the game, Final Fantasy 15 players will hear a voice asking for help as they drive in the map. This triggers the ?Search and Rescue? side mission where you need to search for the NPC in the quest area. However, players seem to have difficulty in finding the NPC as he actually occupies a small space in the area. Here?s a Final Fantasy 15 Search and Rescue guide to help you clear the sidequest fast.

Search and Rescue

If the player drives near the ?The Three Valleys? intersection, they?ll hear a cry of help from some NPC. The ?Search and Rescue? quest will be triggered and the party will be tasked to find the ailing NPC. However, the task doesn?t seem to be as easy as it looks like as the NPC isn?t marked in the quest.

Rescue Confusion

Players will be tasked to find the NPC in the quest area instead of just marking the NPC right out. Additionally, the NPC?s location is near the middle of the quest area. He?s cleverly positioned near some rocks and is sitting there due to his wounds. Moreover, the quest says the NPC is?supposed to continue calling for help to lead the players to him, but he is extremely silent during the whole quest.

Since the quest area is large, players often run around the edges first or somewhere else before they start looking near the middle. Additionally, sprinting barely helps due to?Final Fantasy 15?s large maps and Noctis? actual speed.

Potions needed

Once you find him, the NPC will need a Potion to heal his wounds. Give him one Potion and you?ll finally clear the quest. The Quest reward is worth more than that one Potion requirement. If you want, you can return to Hammerhead and buy more Potions.

Moreover, players will also encounter more side quests that don?t involve fighting. Sometimes, the game?s large maps have problems with content like this. However, we still have more Chapters to cover as this mission is just at the beginning. It?s confirmed that the latter part of the game will feel linear, so these kinds of side quests may not always be an issue.

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