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‘Final Fantasy 15’ Royal Edition Adds New Dungeon, Royal Boat & More

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Final Fantasy 15
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Despite its release dating back to 2016, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15 continues to grow with even more additions to this day. Most recently, Square Enix announced that the game will now be having a Royal Edition that comes with expansions old and new. Additionally, PC fans will also be able to join in on the fun thanks to the game’s upcoming Windows Edition.

Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition

So what exactly does the Royal Edition entail? For starters, it features all of the content from the game’s Season Pass. This includes expansions such as Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, and Episode Ignis that give further context on the backgrounds of the aforementioned characters. With the Season Pass bundle, the Royal Edition will also include the Comrades DLC, which is the game’s multiplayer expansion.

On top of the inclusion of the Season Pass, the Royal Edition also comes with new content of its own. Players will be treated to a new dungeon that allows them to further explore the Insomnia City Ruins. Additionally, the Royal Edition comes with a plethora of new bosses, such as Cerberus, Omega, and the Rulers of Yore.

Interestingly, the folks at Square Enix have also added a new feature that allows players to maneuver a boat. With this, players will be able to venture out into other areas that may have been previously inaccessible to them in gameplay.

There is also of a new feature called Armiger Unleashed. As per the game’s official website, this involves collecting all 13 royal arms which later on unlocks “a more action-oriented mode of the Armiger.”

Another new feature is the option to play in First Person mode. This will allow players to experience the game through the very eyes of its protagonist, Noctis. How this will play out in the actual gameplay remains unknown.

Besides all these bonuses, the Royal Edition also comes with several other additions. This includes new Regalia car skins, weapons, and more.

Price and Release Date

It’s worth noting that despite being referred to as a new edition, the additional inclusions that come with the Royal Edition can be purchased separately. If players already have their own copy of the game, they can opt to buy the new content for only $19.99. Such extra content will be included in the game’s PC version as well. Additionally, the Windows Edition will boast of native 4K resolution support (with a maximum of 8K) and will allow mods. As a whole (with the actual game included), the Royal Edition costs $49.99.

The Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition and Windows Edition are slated for a release on March 6.

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