Final Fantasy 15: Rewards For Platinum Demo And How To Unlock

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Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 has just been released. Earlier released demos showed the upcoming Square Enix game?s features. The Platinum Demo has a transferrable reward to the main game once you clear it. Here?s how to bring the Platinum Demo rewards to the main game.

Platinum Demo

The Final Fantasy 15 Platinum Demo released last March?is a self-contained adventure that isn’t part of the main game. The demo actually has a redeemable item in the main game if you complete it. Clearing the Platinum Demo will allow you to rename Carbuncle and use him in the main game. Any other items or equipment picked up in the Platinum Demo will not be carried over with Carbuncle.

Renaming Carbuncle

According to kazgaar?s thread, playing the Platinum Demo may just be for cosmetic purposes. Reddit user Fenrir__ says that you can get Carbuncle regardless if you played Platinum Demo or not. The demo only reserves the right to name Carbuncle differently, similar to a pet character. In the previous Final Fantasy entries, players had a right to rename characters after they get introduced or included in the party. For now, you shouldn?t worry about not playing Platinum Demo before the main game if you?re not interested in renaming Carbuncle.

Carbuncle?s use

In the Platinum Demo, Carbuncle?s Ruby Light heals Noctis to full health should they get defeated by the Iron Giant boss. Possibly, Final Fantasy 15 developers placed Carbuncle summon there as none of the other three main characters are there to revive Noctis from incapacitation.

However, a reliable full health heal may break the main game?s difficulty as players can just rush in and expect Carbuncle to revive the player. It?s possible that Carbuncle?s Ruby Light may be adjusted differently to the main game for balance reasons.

Dream Sequences

As Carbuncle explains in the Platinum Demo, the creature is there to guide Noctis in his dreams. Carbuncle could easily be the sign that Noctis is dreaming or unconscious if Carbuncle shows up on-screen. Potentially, a handful of dream sequences may happen if Carbuncle keeps showing up in the game.

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