Final Fantasy 15 Review Embargo Time And Date Confirmed!

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The long and much awaited stretch for the anticipation for the game of the year is slowly reaching its finish line. With every minute that ticks by, anticipation and excitement has been building up for gamers. Now with the release date within reach (November 29, 2016),?Final Fantasy 15 reviews?will soon start popping up.

On Twitter, trusted insider shinobi602 announced that ?Final Fantasy XV reviews will be up on November 28 at 7 AM PT/ 10 AM ET.? Afterwards, as expected, tweets came pouring in with different opinions and guesses.


While Final Fantasy 15 is a hugely anticipated game,?there’s a lot of reasons why gamers are skeptical on purchasing the game. One of these is that the second half of the game is reportedly too linear, which troubles fans as it brings back bad memories of Final Fantasy 13.

Some of those who commented stated that they would give the game a 9 or even 10. Obviously, if you are a diehard fan, you would know the ins and outs of the game, its history, gameplay, and well basically, the whole package.?With ?TV host Conan O’brien calling the game an “epic blue balls waste of time” on his Clueless Gamer show though, the masses will surely want to see a Final Fantasy 15 review before they make a purchase.?

Some even said the game will only get an average score of 8 across media websites.?The response could have come from a lot of factors such reports online that the game could feel dragging. A more action based combat might also be the cause of skepticism. Other possible factors include the clich? “Boyband” look and feel that the characters have and the long ten-year-wait for the game might have made them loose interest.


Another possible cause for the low expectations is that Tabata is now the head of the team, making players sceptical if the changes made are?truly for the best. Final Fantasy 15 launches on November 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. It’ll only be a few more days before we see?if the long wait for the game is worth it.

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