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Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Delay Official, Day 1 Patch Compromises Launch

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Final Fantasy 15 Release Date

Game director Hajime Tabata has announced that the Final Fantasy 15 release date is delayed to November 29 this year. Players expecting the game next month will have to wait a little longer as game director Tabata confirmed that the delay is meant for the polishing of the game. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

In the video, Tabata informs and apologizes to the fans as the Final Fantasy 15 release date has been pushed back because the game still needs to be polished. With the delay, Tabata promised Final Fantasy 15 players that they?ll have an improved ?master version? of the game once it?s released.

?On top of that, the day one patch has pretty substantial content in it, but to me it feels as though it is still one step away from that truly ultimate quality we are striving for,? Tabata said. ?I came to think that it might be a mistake just to deliver the master version we have finished to everyone. So I realized that if we were to go ahead and release it, then myself and my team would wind up regretting it.?

Tabata said they were considering to release a Day 1 patch, but it wouldn?t reach players without an internet connection. Tabata explains that this patch is needed to avail of the best quality of Final Fantasy 15 that the developers are aiming for.

Tabata said the game will now come out with all the necessary fixes as well as all necessary additional gameplay features. ?The disc that is going on sale on the 29th of November, will contain everything that was scheduled to be on the day one patch, as well as some extra things on top of that.?

Previously, Square Enix launched an event that ensured the Final Fantasy 15 release date for next month. Players might slightly be disappointed with the delay, but they might be reassured as well with the more improved content coming their way.

Additionally, Tabata confirmed that Square Enix will release a Final Fantasy 15 gameplay video next month. This gameplay video will feature the ?master version? of the game. Players might be able to see the development team?s current progress in the game?s development. The video will only have an English version, but they?re also planning other versions in different languages in the near future.

Moreover, this ?master version? will be present at Gamescom 2016. If you are near the area or are planning to go to Gamescom, it might be an excellent opportunity to try out this ?master version? of the game.

In the video, Tabata said that the delay would allow the developer to deliver the best quality of Final Fantasy 15 to their fans. This is heavily similar to the upcoming Persona 5 from Atlus which was also delayed but at a significantly longer time than Final Fantasy 15.

In the Japanese market, next month may be focused on Square Enix?s Japanese Role Playing Game rival, Atlus, due to the Final Fantasy 15 delay. Additionally, the new Final Fantasy 15 release date may stir competition among the October releases such as The Last Guardian, Titanfall 2, World of Final Fantasy, and Battlefield 1, as well as the November release of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Watch Dogs 2. Let?s hope that this new release date doesn?t confuse the consumers that much.

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