Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Delay Was Badly Needed

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We understand that you probably aren?t too thrilled about the Final Fantasy 15 release date getting pushed back. Delaying a title just six weeks from its target launch date is always going to sting. The fact that the title in question is a Final Fantasy game that?s almost 10 years in the making makes it all the more painful. However, it appears that the tough decision was the right call by Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 15 Release Should Be Smoother Thanks To Delay

Recently published impressions of the game?s current state show that there are still a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out in the title. Before news of the delay became official, VG 24/7?s Alex Donaldson was lucky enough to get his hands on the title at Square?s London HQ. He said that the build he tested had numerous performance issues. However, overall it presented a more positive picture of the game than what was shown in both the Episode Duscae and E3 demos.

?This build presents a Jekyll and Hyde of a game that looks fantastic at one moment and tosses an ugly texture in your face the next. It had incredible animation, but there?s also quite a lot of clipping. The game is open, but somehow it also isn?t. There?s good, bad and ugly all, but the good far outweighs the other parts,? he said. Some of the flaws he observed in the game were pretty glaring, with the camera system singled out as the element in need of the finest tuning.

Judging from what?s being said online, it?s clear that Square Enix may have something special with Final Fantasy 15. Hopefully, the additional two months they have before the Final Fantasy 15 release can ensure that the good parts aren?t dragged down by the game?s poor performance.

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