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Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Confirmed: New Villain To Beat Sephiroth and Kefka, New Story Will Be Gripping

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Noctis in Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 fans mourned when they found-out that the game?s story has been changed and Stella, the female heroine who was previously seen against Noctis, has been removed. Square Enix however is looking to prove that they will still tell a compelling story along with a?Final Fantasy villain that will best both?Sephiroth and Kefka.

Best Final Fantasy Villain

During the Final Fantasy XV?Active Time report at Gamescom 2015, Square Enix said the game?s villain will be the best antagonist to grace the Final Fantasy universe.

?We?ve got a really got villain for Final Fantasy XV,? SE said as translated by Gematsu. ?There will be a time soon where we?ll release information about this character. He?s going to top all of the previous villains.?

Topping long-time iconic FF villains Sephiroth and Kefka is surely going to be tough for the developers. Both characters have garnered numerous awards from the media. Sephiroth placed 2nd in the top 10 most memorable villains by IGN and 3rd place in their top video game characters. Kefka was Kotaku?s best video game villain of all time. Knowing who the best villain for the FF franchise is a matter of perspective.

FF15 Story and Theme

We won?t know for ourselves if SE succeeds in their ambition to create the best villain. What we know however is that the developers are looking towards making an engaging story.

Despite SE having announced that they will be making some changes to the story when it was still known as Final Fantasy Versus 13, they promise to retain many of the game?s story.

?The core elements of Versus XIII?s story are still present in Final Fantasy XV?all of the things that we though were important for tragedy and calamity?but has been expanded with other elements like the focus on friendship, the bond between father and son, etc.?

Here is the FF15 Gamescom 2015 trailer that gave us our first look at the father and son relationship.

Here is the Final Fantasy Versus 13 trailer so you can compare it with SE?s new version.

FF 15 will release for PS4 and Xbox One. No exact Final Fantasy 15 release date has been given, however, IGN reported that the game will have a simultaneous worldwide and is on-track to release next year.

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