Final Fantasy 15 Release Date And Trailer: What We Know So Far

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It is still uncertain on when Final Fantasy XV will be released, but we still managed to gather some info about the game.

During PAX Prime 2015 at Seattle, WA, Square Enix showcased a new 5-minute video for Final Fantasy XV, the trailer showed more on the driving and travelling aspect in the game. You have two options when driving; auto or manual, in auto mode, your party member Ignis will take the wheel and drive you to your designated destination, which also gives you some options to the change the view where you can enjoy the scenery. There are also some options on the dashboard but not all where explained, but it was mentioned that gasoline is an important factor in Final Fantasy XV, as your vehicle can run out of fuel. But it was explained that you won?t get a game over if your fuel gets empty, however you won?t be able to use your vehicle until you can refuel it. You can also stop at any time when driving and explore some of the surroundings for items or even monsters to hunt, there is also an auto-park feature where you can set your vehicle to park after reaching the destination, but of course it will require a parking fee.

Meanwhile game director Hajime Tabata mentioned that they are testing VR support for Final Fantasy XV but it did not match the team?s goals for the game.

Tabata explained in an interview with IGN, ?At the time we were looking into it, we felt that it could potentially work as a passive experience for a portion of the game utilizing VR. We felt that it would potentially make sense for a segment, but in terms of the overall game in itself, the entire game, we didn?t feel that having that headset on for the entirety of the game and that experience would match what we were aiming for with XV.?

Final Fantasy XV still has no release date for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but a special announcement for the release date is schedule on March 2016 (yes an announcement for an announcement), it is also hinted that the game will get a worldwide release.

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