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Final Fantasy 15 Post Game Content: All Activities Once The Storyline Ends

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Final Fantasy 15 Post Game Content

After you clear the final chapter in Final Fantasy 15, there?s still Final Fantasy 15 post game content that you can clear if you want to. However, most of these missions are often difficult and your party needs to have high levels to clear it. Here are all the activities that you can do in Final Fantasy 15 once you?ve finished the story.

Quest Cleaning

At best, the game?s story quests pick up the pace after the player clears Altissia. Most quests before that may be left behind as players may get few opportunities to travel back to the open world area. Players may opt to clear old quests with the story quest equipment which are exceptionally handy than the regular weapons.

Royal Arms Completion

Contrary to usual progression standards, the completion of the Final Fantasy 15?s Royal Arms equipment lies in clearing optional quests rather than receiving them all in the story quests. Players will have to explore the open world and go deep in the dungeons to acquire these weapons. At best, each optional Royal Arms equipment has a unique style which makes the Final Fantasy 15 post game content fights more fun. However, some regular equipment like the Ultima Blade are better than the Royal Arms as they don?t use Health in every attack.

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If players focus on the hunting quests, they may eventually unlock the Adamantoise hunt quest before clearing the game. However, the Adamantoise quest has a Level 99 requirement and is a difficult fight. The Adamantoise is about the size of the Titan astral and most players spent hours to defeat the monster. At best, this quest is tackled as a Final Fantasy 15 post game content due to its difficulty and being a tedious battle rather than a quick hunt.

Regalia Type-F

You may be?nearing the last chapters of Final Fantasy 15 if you?re aiming for the Regalia Type-F. After clearing the Niflheim bases, Cindy will have a quest that will allow you to upgrade the Regalia to the Regalia Type-F. This version of the Regalia allows it to fly and has unlimited fuel, which makes it the ultimate vehicle in the game. However, the Type-F seems to have a wider body, so it may feel dangerous to do sudden U-Turns. Players will have to collect specific parts from the three Niflheim bases in the map and give them to Cindy. Once you?re done, you can enjoy this stronger vehicle as your clear other Final Fantasy 15 post game content.

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