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Final Fantasy 15 News: Kingsglaive Character Gets New CG Fight against Ultros

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Final Fantasy 15

Recently, Square Enix released a ?fan appreciation video? about Kingsglaive support. The video features a chef singlehandedly defeating Ultros and possibly having cooked him for the Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive members. Here?s what we know so far about the new video.

Kingsglaive Appreciation

According to NovaCrystallis? translation, Square Enix?s new video is a ?fan appreciation video? for their support to the Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive movie. The movie features a little Malboro escaping from Ultros. The camera snaps to a man wearing a costume similar to those selling okonomiyaki during Japanese festivals who saves the creature. The man proceeds to protect the creature and obliterate Ultros in one blow. The scene snaps to a familiar scene in the Kingsglaive where Nyx, Libertus, and Crowe are eating together.

So far, it’s unknown if this new video affects the game’s story and whether the chef will become a playable character. It’s also possible this video is only meant to show the efforts the chefs make in order to gather resources to serve food in restaurants.

Possible Features

As seen in the video, Ultros and possibly even a martial arts fighting style exists in the world of Final Fantasy 15. However, Ultros encounters or even a ?Monk? or ?Brawler? class fighting style can?t be found in the game. Potentially, this movie may tease some new enemies and weapons in the upcoming event later this January.

Since the carnival looks like it?s set in a watery area or possibly Altissia, Ultros can definitely make an appearance as an event exclusive boss. Previously, Final Fantasy 1?s Gilgamesh has also been confirmed to be the Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episode Gladiolus. Square Enix may stuff some more familiar villains or summons as Astrals in Final Fantasy 15 if this trend continues.

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Brawler Weapon?

In the video, the chef used his sandal to Warp Strike upwards and lands a decisive spinning, diving kick that obliterates Ultros. So far, none of the main casts directly use their fists or gauntlets to fight enemies in the game. At best, Gladiolus uses the shield to land heavy punches on ?some enemies, but he relies mostly on his Greatsword to fight. Previously, some Final Fantasy 15 leaks confirmed to have Iris as a playable character and use her fists to fight in the game. Most?characters that fight with their fists often have martial arts, complimentary magic or immense strength to make themselves effective. Even if Iris didn?t make it as the party?s brawler, Noctis might still be able to use his fists due to his flexible equipment selection.

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