Final Fantasy 15 News: DLC Airships And Underwater Combat, New Demo Not Duscae 3.0? New Tech Demo Released

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A slew of Final Fantasy 15 news have been released recently as director Hajime Tabata talked about their planned DLC inclusions and a brand new demo. A new tech demo at the Family Game Forum has also been released as Square Enix which showcases how their Luminous Engine renders Final Fantasy 15. Here?s the latest Final Fantasy 15 news.

Final Fantasy 15 News: DLC Airships & Underwater Combat

Director Tabata told Chinese website VGTime that content such as underwater combat and airships might be released via DLC. Both free and paid DLC will be released for the game, Tabata said. According to Attack of The Fanboy, Twitter user ZhugeEX translated the interview and said that DLCs will be released for the game because there is no plan for a FF15-2.

New Demo

Tabata also said that they will release a ?new demo? for FF15. It has yet to be confirmed if Tabata is referring to a Duscae 3.0 demo or a new one. Tabata said that the demo is now being produced. Tabata did not mention how players can acquire the demo and when it will be released.

Tech Demo

Square Enix has demonstrated how their Luminous Engine renders FF15 via a tech demo at the Family Game Forum. The video of the tech demo is an off-screen footage and Square Enix has yet to release a direct feed. Despite being an off-screen footage, the video is still able to show greatly how their lighting system works. The tech demo also shows how they render the sky to look good. They also show how the water affects objects in the game and how characters like Noctis affects their environment.

Final Fantasy 15 will be coming out sometime in 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One. Square Enix has not yet revealed a firm release date. FF15 will have a simultaneous global release.

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