Final Fantasy 15: New Trailer Shows Epic Fights And All Three Stories

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Final Fantasy 15

During their press conference for the Chinese market, Sony Interactive Entertainment revealed a new video footage for Final Fantasy 15. The new trailer showcases battles and all the three stories of final Fantasy XV universe: Final Fantasy XV, Kings Glaive: Final Fantasy XV, and Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. Some new gameplay animations can also be seen in the trailer along with a new look at the giant Adamantoise.

The new Final Fantasy 15 trailer features intense fight scenes and new features. There are significant improvements in the game?s UI. The combo skills of the character can also be seen in the video.

The video also features a little aerial combat and a major fight with the boss. The character Noctis now uses stealth moves to take out enemies. The Warp feature is heavily showcased in the trailer. Using this ability effectively in battles seems crucial if you want to emerge victoriously, especially when you face against behemoth sized bosses and fast moving foes.

The battle system in Final Fantasy XV has also been redefined. The game features different spells including thunder, fire and blizzard, each of which features unique effects.

The upcoming game will also feature two ways on how to engage in fights so both casual and veteran players can feel like a badass while playing the game. Players who prefer an action-oriented experience can fully delve in the game?s new action-packed gameplay. On the other hand, those who choose to fight in a relaxed, slower pace will be able to do so with the game?s Wait Mode feature.

With the Final Fantasy 15 release, fans have a lot to look forward to in the future. As the release date of the game is nearing, the studio regularly reveals details to maintain the hype. The series has been struggling for a long time, and fans are hoping for something better as they prefer the gameplay experience they enjoyed in previous titles from the franchise.

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