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Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus: Same Difficulty And Enemy Levels, Aranea Joins Intro Scene [Spoilers]

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Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus

The Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus mode has been included in update 1.03 for the PS4 and Xbox One which recently went live. Players can now replay the game?s chapters while carrying some of their previous endgame progression with them. Some fans have also noted which equipment, levels, and progression are the ones you can still bring in the New Game Plus mode. Here?s what we know so far about the Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus mode.

Same Difficulty

According to phantomvamp?s thread on the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, the New Game+ mode doesn?t have new difficulty options but carries over the player?s levels. This means that the players may just re-experience the game with no challenge anymore as they are still equipped with stronger stats and equipment. At best, the Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus mode allows the player to breeze through the game considering there’s no new harder difficulty option yet.

Aranea Bug Carryover

Previously, players found a way to permanently recruit Aranea to the party using an exploit. Using a save file with a bugged Aranea actually allows you to carry her over to your Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus playthrough. She could be seen walking in the opening scene while the main party is busy pushing the car.

In hindsight, Aranea can be helpful as a fifth party member and additional helping hand. However, her stats aren?t optimized, which means that she might not be a reliable help throughout the whole game. At best, she can be an equalizer to the game?s experience as she can be the sole female in your party of four men. Potentially, her existence might bug out when you reach the story mission where Cor briefly joins the main party as they pick up the first few Royal Arms.

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Carried Over Progression

Speaking of Royal Arms, almost all of the weapons and Royal Arms are carried over when you start your?Final Fantasy 15 New Game Plus playthrough. However, the Engine Blade will be reverted to its initial form, so the other upgradable weapons might be affected too. At best, you may want to bring some endgame weapons from your first playthrough to secure good weapons on New Game+ outside the Royal Arms. Other items like consumables, Regalia upgrades, car design cosmetics, the music player tracks, and skill levels are also carried over in New Game+. However, you?ll lose access to the Regalia Type-F when you start the New Game+ playthrough, so prepare for yet another road trip in Final Fantasy 15.

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