Final Fantasy 15 Actually Has Multiple Endings [Spoilers]

final fantasy 15 endings
A slightly different ending can be earned in Final Fantasy 15. [Image from MovieAccessTrailers]

To the surprise of many, it looks like there are actually multiple Final Fantasy 15 endings that can be achieved. Most people assumed that the game would be a straightforward experience like the most recent games in the series. While it doesn’t fix the game’s many flaws, it does make the title more replayable than it already is.

One fan posted about this on Reddit and it shocked some fans, since many assumed the final picture doesn’t matter. Fans have even posted videos of the ending to prove it exists, since no one believed it right away. As far as multiple endings go, it won’t give Persona 5 or Mass Effect a run for their money.

Slightly Different Endings

Of the Final Fantasy 15 endings in the game, the one that shocked fans is the one with Luna crying. Players can activate this ending by choosing the wedding dress of Luna as the picture before the final fight. Though the differences aren’t big, seeing Luna overcome with emotion while a new music plays is somewhat heartwarming and more memorable.

Most fans got a basic ending with the two merely looking at the picture with nothing else standing out. Players had no idea that choosing the last picture could impact the ending, even if it isn’t too different. While not as emotional as Noctis’ goodbye to his brothers, it’s a touching scene that the invested will appreciate.

Final Ending 15

Despite not much differences between the Final Fantasy 15 endings, the one with Luna could be the best one. Many gamers have had legitimate complaints about the game’s various flaws, but the Luna ending is done well. Hopefully, we will get some of that cut content soon, so the final scene has more emotion behind it.

It should be easy enough to reload the save and pick a different picture before the final fight. While the fight might take some time, the slight variation might be enough to move fans in a unique way. At the least, it will mean more than the basic ending in the game that didn’t add much to the ending.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with the Prompto episode slated this June. Episode Gladiolus is available now, gaining a mixed reception from fans, but offered some fun combat at the least. One more episode for Ignis is coming to the game soon, as well as a multiplayer expansion dubbed Comrades.

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