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Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer DLC: Comrades Co-Op Expansion Might Be Set In Chapter 13

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Final Fantasy 15 Multiplayer

The Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer DLC has long been confirmed in the game?s Season Pass. However, the game?s current build shows no signs of a multiplayer mode in its maps or mini-games. However, Chapter 13 and the late-game time skip may allow the game?s promised Co-op feature to take place in the Final Fantasy 15 story.?

Eos Hunters

According to AlliteratingAuthorAI?s thread on the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, fans are speculating on the upcoming gameplay of the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer DLC. Reddit user AlliteratingAuthorAI speculates that the upcoming multiplayer DLC could be similar to an online MMORPG. The game?s main cast like Prompto, Ignis, Gladiolus, Cidney or Iris could be special NPCs that?ll give quests to the main character. The players would be running around the game?s open world and doing quests to progress their multiplayer character. However, Square Enix already has the online Final Fantasy 14, so doing another MMORPG may be impossible.

Windows of Multiplayer

Potentially, the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer DLC could appear in the to-be-reworked Chapter 13 or during Noctis? 10-year sleep in the late game. Chapter 13 in Final Fantasy 15 has been confirmed to receive gameplay patches soon which could possibly be a major update. Chapter 13 involves stealth gameplay and large downtime as gamers only play as Noctis and are unable to use most weapons. However, Gladiolus and Ignis are also in the area to help him free Prompto, but they got separated.

Potentially, the multiplayer DLC is called the “Comrades” expansion but none of its exact gameplay details is actually known at the moment. Final Fantasy 15 DLC Director Haruyoshi Sawatari previously explained to IGN that the multiplayer DLC may only exist closely to the Final Fantasy 15 story, but it will not directly affect it. Sawatari said the co-op expansion will?have players use the four main characters to battle and go out on adventures.?

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Ten-Year Sleep

In the late game, Noctis sleeps for 10 years in the notable island near the Galdin Quay. In these 10 ?full years, it has only been nighttime and daemons spawn everywhere due to lack of sunlight that gradually kill them off outside. To keep things afloat, people hunt the monsters down to keep their cities functional and free from any daemon assault. Potentially, the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer DLC could take place in these dark days of Noctis? 10-year sleep. For now, we?ll have to wait ?until Square Enix officially announces the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer gameplay and possibly the game?s VR gameplay too.

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