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Final Fantasy 15’s MMO-Like Updates Have Brought In Cheaters

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Final Fantasy 15
Source: FINAL FANTASY XV: March Update Trailer video

Final Fantasy 15’s new online leaderboard function is currently plagued with cheaters. This MMO-like updates have pushed players to reach for first place for unique loot. However, cheaters have reportedly allow some players to reach high scores easily.

Final Fantasy 15 Timed Quest Cheating

As seen on vladitus’ thread on the Final Fantasy 15 subreddit, cheating for the Timed Quest leaderboards has been increasingly apparent. Some players are reaching an impossibly high score on the leaderboards which make it difficult to catch up. Square Enix has yet to confirm this issue in the game.

MMO-like Grinding Leaderboards

Ranking high on the leaderboards rewards players with large amounts of Quest Points. These special points are awarded hourly, daily, and an overall reward at the end. This Timed Quest reward system encourages players to keep their position as long as they can to rake in many Quest Points. Placing high on the leaderboards and maintaining it requires players to grind Timed Quests and other Quest Point rewarding activities like an MMO. The best Quest Point reward at the moment is for the Top 100 players bracket.

Cheating with the Armiger Glitch

Apparently, players can cheat using the Armiger Glitch that’s left unfixed in Final Fantasy 15. The glitch allows players to move out of bounds and make it last indefinitely. Technically, the players can use it to position Noctis out of harm’s of way easily and rain down rapid damage from the unlimited Armiger.

Easily, players who can maximize their damage using this glitch are sure to earn a high score considering they can clear the task as fast as they could without getting hit. Any monsters in the game are unable to counter this exploit, which make it unstoppable until Square Enix fixes it.

Timed Quest Rewards

So, why are players cheating in the game? The Timed Quest rewards improve the player’s “quality of life”, hence the interest to get them. The points can be used to buy large amounts of AP, EXP, and Gil. The new “Afrosword” weapon is the most expensive prize to be bought during this Timed Quest event and using it changes the soundtrack to one of Afrojack’s songs.

Additionally, the largest AP prize is just enough to buy one Limit Break. The huge EXP rewards can also be used to boost through early and late-game levels easily.

Waiting For Fixes

Players are discouraged from attempting the bug to gain higher placements on the leaderboards and Timed Quests. Square Enix could potentially do a crackdown against the cheaters in the game. Denying access or resetting player progress are few of the sanctions that Square Enix might do as their punishment for cheating in Final Fantasy 15.

Getting Banned In a Single Player RPG

Final Fantasy 15 is definitely a single player game as it lacks any in-game connection between many of its game players. However, the new leaderboards have forged this MMO-like connection and has already gone sour due to the cheating. At best, Square Enix sets the main Final Fantasy 15 game up for one of the few single player titles where you might get banned for cheating.

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