Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive Spoilers: Who Lives And Who Dies? Fate Of Sean Bean’s Character Revealed

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Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive

Before the release of the delayed Final Fantasy 15 game, the Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive movie will be released in US cinemas. However, since there are earlier screenings of the movie in other countries, there are already spoilers available now, which include details on the character deaths in the movie. Here?s what we know so far.

According to aitaikimochi?s post on the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, his blog features Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive spoilers which has four parts. The review details each important scene in the movie and goes through the movie?s important events, including character deaths. Canonically, the Kingsglaive movie is significant to the actual game which will be released on November 29. To avoid missing any story elements in the game, it?s wise to know details about the movie so you can watch out for possible easter eggs in the video game.

aitaikimochi noted that King Regis or Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII will die in the movie, as expected. The character was voiced by Sean Bean who played Eddard Stark in the show Game of Thrones. Fans have always joked about Bean?s characters dying, similar to his Game of Thrones role. As expected, his character in the movie also dies, but returns to give Aaron Paul?s character a last resort power-up to defeat the movie?s main antagonist.

Additionally, Aaron Paul?s character, Nyx, also presumably dies as he disappears into thin air upon using the ring?s power. Nyx used the ring?s power in a desperate attempt to beat the main antagonist and save Luna, but at the cost of his own life. Nyx?s final battle with the antagonist ends with both characters dead, with the antagonist dying due to his wounds and Nyx dying due to his extreme use of in-universe magic. ?The ring only naturally works with the people of the King?s bloodline, specifically Noctis, the main character in the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 game. It?s possible that Nyx?s use of the ring may somehow affect the story in the game.

Other important characters who died in Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive is the mother of Luna and Luna?s sworn but short-lived bodyguard. Additionally, the betrayal among the ranks of the elite security group, Glaives, also incurred deaths on both the loyal Glaives and those who sided with the invaders. To see how it exactly happened, you can watch Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive in theaters or via the Deluxe Edition of the game.

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