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Final Fantasy 15: Keep Aranea Permanently In Your Party

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One of the best moments in Final Fantasy 15 is when players fight Aranea Highwind. Though the character starts out as an enemy, she eventually befriends Nocti and his party. What’s even more interesting is Aranea can actually join the party permanently, via glitchy means, but it’s something players might want to know.

How To Get Aranea Permanently

Fans will have to wait till chapter 9 to do this trick, according to a post on?GameFaqs. Once this is done, fans will notice how Aranea spawns around midnight in Cotisse, north of Hammerhead. If Noct and his friends encounter giants in the area, she is sure to appear and help the party out.

Here is where things start getting tricky, as this will make her a part of your party. Once the player is done with the giants, she should be on her way to wherever the player is. Now, fast travel back to Cotisse, wait for her to land, then camp. When this is done, load the autosave of the camp and Aranea should be a permanent party member in Final Fantasy 15.

How To Keep Her And Get Rid Of Her

Keeping Aranea in the party is fairly easy. Players can have her in the party as long as they don’t participate in any vital story events in the game. This basically means that Aranea will be around when players do side missions or grind to gain some levels.

Getting rid of her can be problematic though. She only ever leaves during story missions, so those that plan on recruiting her post-game could have some problems. Recruiting Aranea has its pros and cons, so players should seriously consider if they want her to be in the team.

Considering how much of a sausage fest Final Fantasy 15 can be, this might be too tempting for some players. While female DLC characters have been discussed for the game, none of that talk has been made official.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Originally christened as Final Fantasy Versus 13, the game has gotten some acclaim to a certain extent. While the characters are likable, the story has been criticized for being too convoluted. DLC for the game will be available on December 22 for free.

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