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Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack: Watch What Each Item Does For Both Paid And Free DLC

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Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack

Recently, Square Enix released two Holiday packs for Final Fantasy 15. These packs are needed to enter the Moogle Chocobo Carnival event this coming January 2017. More than just the Carnival event, downloading?the paid and free?Final Fantasy 15 holiday pack will also net you some DLC accessories to help you gain levels and more Ascension Points. Here?s what we know so far about the contents of the paid and free Holiday Pack.

Accessory Showcase

Seen in LemonEatingKow?s ?video are the paid and free?Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack accessories. The Holiday Pack accessories are mostly for improving the level grinding process in the game. The accessories mostly boost AP gain, docking EXP even when sleeping and camping, Tech Bar gain, and Armiger meter gain. Players still climbing their way to level 99 and have locked Ascension grids and underleveled Tech skills will like these additions.

Holiday Pack+

Here’s the content of the?Holiday Pack+?and it’s uses:

  • Ring of Resistance:?The Ring of Resistance prevents friendly-fire damage from the game?s spells which allows them to continue attacking instead of reacting to fire, shock, and cold.
  • Tech Turbocharger:?Tech Turbocharger disables Armiger meter gain for an immensely increased Tech Bar gain, which is useful in leveling Tech skills.
  • Armiger Turbocharger: This accessory?improves Armiger meter gain, but it disables the Tech Bar.
  • Blitzer?s Fanfare:?Blitzer?s Fanfare rewards players with AP when attaining an A+ rating in Time after matches.?
  • Tactician?s Fanfare:?Tactician?s Fanfare works similarly to the Blitzer?s Fanfare, but for an A+ Finesse rating.
  • Key of Prosperity:?The Key of Prosperity accessory improves drop rate of more ?items of value? when defeating monsters.
  • Stamina Badge:?The Stamina Badge allows Noctis to have unlimited Stamina for sprinting or hanging on Warp-Points.

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Free Holiday Pack

Players who don?t want to spend can rely on the free Holiday Pack, but this will only yield two DLC accessories unlike the Holiday Pack+. The two free DLC accessories are the Nixperience Band and Warrior?s Fanfare. The Nixperience Band will prevent any EXP payouts when sleeping or camping. This accessory allows you to keep grinding without avoiding any campsites as it may use their EXP without any multipliers. Just wear it before you sleep at a camp or hotel if you want to save your EXP for a place with a better modifier.

Meanwhile, the Warrior?s Fanfare accessory rewards you with AP for having an A+ rating in Offense after battles. Holiday Pack+ and Season Pass players can have these DLC accessories too. The event for the Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack is this coming January 2017. These DLC accessories can help you grind while you?re waiting for Square Enix?s Final Fantasy 15 event.

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