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Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack: PS4 Pro 60FPS Patch Absent In December Update Notes

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Gamers cannot wait for the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack, which comes out on December 22. The DLC pack will be available for everyone that bought the game, though a special version of the DLC is for season pass owners. Given all of the announcements made for the game, fans were hoping to see it perform better on PS4 Pro as early as December 2016, but this might not be the case.

December Update

As most fans know, the upcoming December update will add support for the Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack. New Game Plus is also coming via the free update, which should please players that finished the game. Since updates usually fix problems within a game, some fans are hoping this could lead to a better PS4 Pro experience.

Digital Foundry?previously made a comparison video between the game on PS4 and PS4 Pro. Sadly, the PS4 Pro lite mode which renders the game at 1080p for better performance doesn’t bring much improvements to the game.?

Square Enix promised an update for the game in December that will lock the frame-rate of the game on PS4 Pro to 60fps. If that isn’t possible, they’ll try to have an unlocked frame-rate between 45 and 60 frames.?

Unfortunately, we might not get this patch in December. Square Enix’s December update announcement failed to mention anything about?this PS4 Pro patch at all. However, it’s possible that Square Enix is mainly focusing first on spreading awareness about the Final Fantasy 15 Holiday DLC.

PS4 Pro-blems

It might not be the worst console out there, but the PS4 Pro has proven to be a bit of a disappointment. While some of the games look better on the console, there are other titles that haven’t looked as flashy. The PS4 Pro modes also doesn’t bring that much of a difference in certain games.?

Batman: Return to Arkham recently got an update that made the game perform better on regular consoles, but not so much on the upgraded PS4 Pro. Unlike Final Fantasy 15 though, this PS4 Pro patch was unannounced. It’s possible Square Enix is taking their time to bring the PS4 Pro enhancements that they promised.

Still, the content in the upcoming DLC pack should be enough to please PS4 Pro owners. The game itself has proven to be a big hit, even though the second half of the story has been criticized.

Players who have yet to get the game can get it now on PS4 and Xbox One. The Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack will be available on December 22, with exclusive content available to those that bought the season pass.

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