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Final Fantasy 15 Holiday DLC: ‘Frickin Funny’ Lines And More Fishing, Says Noctis Voice Actor

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It looks like there will be a Final Fantasy 15 holiday DLC coming soon. The December holidays have always been a big deal, so it’s easy to see why a DLC would be made. Apparently, the DLC will include a?funny dialogue and more fishing.

Will The Holiday DLC Be Funny?

During an Ask Me Anything session on?Reddit?with Ray Chase,?the voice actor of Noctis, he stated that the Final Fantasy 15 holiday DLC would have ?frkn funny lines.? ?This is great news, since the chemistry between the three male leads is pretty good and really sells players on their friendship. “My favorite voice lines I think have been supplanted by what we recorded for the Holiday DLC – there are some in there that are GOLD. PURE GOLD. Get excited,” said Chase.

More fishing was also confirmed, which will make fans of the mini-game happy. It’s also a big help if you’ve been wanting to max out your fishing skill rating.

New content is also coming with the Holiday update including?a new game plus mode.?No actual release date has been mentioned yet, but it will be free for everyone to download. Those that bought the season pass will get some additional bonuses for the free DLC like lit-up cities. It’s an interesting way to make season pass owners feel special.

Speaking of comedy, fans are still wondering if the Mystery Disk would be part of the DLC. For those that aren’t aware, the Mystery Disk includes a competition with a fat Prompto and a boss fight against the president of Square Enix. It was funny and fans want to take part in it ASAP. The developers have stated that it would eventually come, though it won’t likely be in the holiday DLC.

More Season Pass Information?

With season pass owners getting an enhanced Final Fantasy 15 holiday DLC, one has to wonder if more information is coming. More story content was promised, but it’s not clear what the content will be about. New party members have also been teased, with some of them possibly being female.

Considering how much of a sausage fest Final Fantasy 15 is, having female characters in the party would be neat. That’s not to say the current batch of characters are boring, but having a new female presence in there wouldn’t hurt.

Expect the Final Fantasy 15 holiday DLC to come out next week, since the holidays will be in full swing by then. The game can be bought now on PS4 and Xbox One, with a US$29.99 season pass for future DLC also available for purchase.

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