Final Fantasy 15’s Free Updates Aren’t Fun At All

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Final Fantasy 15
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Square Enix has continuously been providing free updates for Final Fantasy 15 with new Timed Quests, the latest of which includes leaderboards to encourage more participation. However, these updates only encourages players to grind to obtain new event exclusive items and in-game boosts. The Timed Quest leaderboards definitely feels like a repetitive chore than an enjoyable event.

A Final Fantasy Feature Not For First-Timers

Final Fantasy 15’s overall gameplay suddenly shifts from a single player experience to a competitive multiplayer game with this leaderboard system. Players will have to repeatedly do activities in an effort to keep their rankings at an optimal level. Obviously, new players can’t compete well with the more dedicated players. The veterans definitely have higher levels and is more equipped to rake in many points in a small amount of time.

This style of community competition is usually seen in many online MMORPGs and mobile games in the market. Since this system is from an MMORPG, grinding is inevitable for those who wish to climb the ladders.

New Leaderboards System

The Final Fantasy 15 update last April included a leaderboard system that awarded points for its top players. These points can be used to buy an assortment of loot like the Afrosword, EXP bundles, AP points, and other quality of life improvements in Final Fantasy 15. Overall, it seems like an extra way to reward the players for playing the game, but it’s flawed in a way.

Grind For Loot

Players will need to grind to get enough points to buy the best loot in this system.  The best loot aren’t cheap as the Afrosword costs 1000 Quest points. The game isn’t too generous when giving out quest points as they comes in small amounts. Lastly, the quest point system requires active participation where players are rewarded according to their rank on an hourly, daily, and end of event basis. Players will have to climb up high enough for the best rewards and maintain it to buy what they want as soon as possible.

These Quest Point shop rewards are only available for a limited time, which adds time pressure to the game. Overall, the new event leaves out players who aren’t too invested in the game. However, Final Fantasy 15 doesn’t have much content at the moment that’ll help make players stick with this game.

When Is The Next Content Release

Square Enix has previously announced many upcoming Final Fantasy 15 free updates and paid DLCs. The off-road Regalia, monster bestiary, and even the free Booster pack are still nowhere to be found. The developers still haven’t released a release date announcement for these content.

The next major content, Episode Prompto, is slated sometime in June. The lack of substantial content release and announcements leaves May to be a dry month for Final Fantasy 15 fans. Perhaps Square Enix will talk about their Final Fantasy 15 plans at E3 2017.

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