Final Fantasy 15 Fishing Guide: Basic Tips On How To Catch Fish

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Final Fantasy 15

In Final Fantasy 15, each character has a unique skill. Noctis? skill is Fishing which allows him to catch some fish in certain fishing spots. However, the game?s fishing system has some depth to it and may frustrate new players in this mini-game. Here?s a quick Final Fantasy 15 fishing guide to help you catch some fish in the game.

Get the Best Equipment and Many Baits as Possible

According to Organyx?s fishing guide on the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, having the best equipment for fishing heavily increases your chances in catching fish. Players will need the best Rod and Reel. This will secure you many chances on catching the fish. However, stay with the starting or DLC equipment if you?re fishing for the first time.

Failing to catch a fish will often cost you the Line and Bait. Make sure to bring many of these if you?re going fishing. It?ll be tiring to go back and forth between the fishing shop and spot if you keep running out of bait. Once you have your fishing rod, extra lines and bait, you?re ready to fish in Final Fantasy 15.

Be patient

Organyx notes that there are actually ?risky portions? where it’s dangerous to reel the fish in because the line will break. The ?risky portions? aren?t when the controller is vibrating but when there?s a visual cue of the fish splashing in the water. Players will have to wait for the fish to calm down before they can start reeling in.

Reddit user Organyx also notes that players will face many erratic fishes that force players to reel in when they splash or those that just splash all the time. The player?s patience will be tested in this mini-game if they want to catch the best fish. Some fish are even good ingredients for Ignis? cooking recipes.

Progress first

Players will need to progress first before they can start dabbling in the fishing mini-game. The Chapter 1 area barely has any finishing spot or body of water to find fish in. For now, it?s alright to keep Noctis? skill ?at level one as the other characters level theirs in the early game. The patience in unlocking and fishing itself could be handy for training your reflexes and defending yourself against tougher foes in Final Fantasy 15.

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