Final Fantasy 15 Exploit: Avoid Nighttime Daemons Easily

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Final Fantasy 15 Exploit

In Final Fantasy 15, players are discouraged to travel at night as random encounters with daemons happen even when you?re in the car. The nighttime daemons are much stronger than the regular random encounters which can easily wipe the party out. However, fans have discovered a way to bypass these nightly random encounters and cruise through the night safely. Here?s what we know about this Final Fantasy 15 exploit to avoid daemons easily.

Shop Menus

According to Flash-Over?s thread in the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, players can prevent nighttime monsters from spawning if they let Ignis drive the car and open up the Shop menu throughout the trip. The Shop menu will prevent random encounters from happening and you still get to your destination safely. This Final Fantasy 15 exploit can help you make those nighttime trips without fear of getting obliterated in the road.

Nighttime Daemons

As seen in Eurogamer?s playthrough, the game threw overleveled daemons against the player when they traveled during nighttime. Potentially, decent equipment and a good food buff may help if you?re seeking to kill these nighttime daemons. However, your characters are at risk of dying easily as the monsters have better stats than your low-leveled characters. You can just use the Final Fantasy 15 exploit if you want to avoid these monsters at all means possible.

Prevention than Cure

If the quest doesn?t call for the player to arrive during the night, it might be best to set up camp or take Ignis? advice of not venturing during the night. Agreeing to Ignis when he asks to stay at a nearby town will automatically fast travel the car and the party in the nearest town to stay. Since the game has real-time weather, opt to find shelter or a campsite first than finishing your quest when it starts getting dark. However, prepare some Potions and Phoenix Downs if you?re up to fighting them despite the great odds.

Despite this trick, it might be best to grind some experience points for your main party in the long run. Running away from too many battles may make the next Boss fight difficult for you due to your underleveled characters. At best, defeat what you can and run away from the overleveled daemons you meet in the game.

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