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Final Fantasy 15 Episode Prompto DLC Assets Found In Update 1.09

final fantasy 15 episode prompto
Prompto’s DLC is coming this June. [Image from Zanar Aesthetics YouTube channel]

It looks like Square Enix is getting ready to release Final Fantasy 15 Episode Prompto in June. Now that assets have been discovered in the latest update, it seems like work on the episode is on track.

Fans on Reddit have discovered an unused area in the game’s data, which will likely be used for Episode Prompto. Curious fans also did this when the Episode Gladiolus DLC wasn’t available yet, so don’t expect this to stop. With an Episode for party member Ignis coming as well, expect fans to find a few areas in future updates.

Chocobo Racing?

Fans have discovered a Figure 8 road in the Episode Prompto area, which could mean Chocobo racing in the next DLC. Considering the serious tone Square Enix has teased for Final Fantasy 15 Episode Prompto, this could be tonally jarring. Then again, the DLC could have some light moments in it, which could include a few rounds of Chocobo racing.

Fans that played the game know that Prompto loves Chocobos, so having a fun racing segment would make some sense. Then again, the racing might just be DLC for the main game and not the upcoming Episode Prompto content. Square Enix has been slowly adding more content to the main game, including choosing Gladiolus in Episode 13 and stronger spells.

Glitch Exploration

While players wait for Final Fantasy 15 Episode Prompto, they can partake in some odd glitch travelling that’s still available. Prior updates also allowed these glitch explorations, so this one is no exception either, which is surprising. Most assumed that Square Enix would remove this, since glitch exploration allows players to see cut content and new areas.

To be fair, these are really complicated to do, involving plenty of warp strikes and a ton of walking. Finishing the game is a big requirement, since the glitch also involves taking part in the final boss battle. Gamers that plan on doing this will need to put it in a separate save, since this disables some features.

The out of boundaries glitch to explore the Episode Prompto area can be done during the boss battle in Chapter 15. Reddit user cthasarrived has the full details on how to do the glitch.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with plenty of free updates making it better. The season pass is also purchasable for US$29.99, which grants players access to all the upcoming DLC. A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15 was a pre-order bonus at select retailers and is now a free download.

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