Final Fantasy 15 Episode Prompto: What You Need To Know Before It Releases This Week

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Final Fantasy 15 Episode Prompto
Source: FINAL FANTASY XV – Episode Prompto Trailer video

As per Square Enix announcements, Final Fantasy 15’s second character story DLC, Episode Prompto, will be released this June 27. Fans will play as the main party’s resident cheery guy and gunner as he revisits his past after getting separated from the group. Here’s what you need to know before Episode Prompto releases this week.

DLC Details

The main Square Enix site lists that Episode Prompto costs 3.99 British Pounds (around $5.00 like Episode Gladiolus) to buy separately. This DLC is also included in the Season Pass. Like Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto is a standalone campaign featuring a different playable character.

Just recently, Square Enix released a new patch that contains support for Episode Prompto. Aside from the expansion, everyone will also receive new free content in update 1.12, including the off-road vehicle. Called the “Regalia Type-D,” it will allow players to veer off the beaten path with their vehicle. This car can even jump to get across obstacles.

Episode Prompto Gameplay

In Episode Prompto, players won’t be able to perform high-flying air movement like in the main game as players mostly have access to guns. A sizeable lot of firearms will be at your disposal.

Prompto works like a third-person shooter as he can aim, pick up guns, and conserve ammo to see his quest through. However, Square Enix removes the hassle and danger of a shooter’s tense survival through giving him infinite ammo on his pistol and a freely accessible melee weapon. Moreover, players will have Prompto’s Bullet Arts to use his main game abilities in this title.

While Episode Prompto looks tense and gloomy, players will still have access to his camera. Apparently, Prompto can use his camera to take selfies with enemies and “set aside their differences.”

This character episode will also have side quests and time trials for other stuff to do. There’ll even be snowmobile time trials in this expansion. For now, it looks to have way more content than Episode Gladiolus.


Episode Prompto starts after Noctis gets tricked into pushing Prompto off the top of a moving train in Chapter 12. In the main game, Ignis and Gladiolus suggests to carry on without him and rescue him from the enemy forces later. Players will eventually rescue Prompto in the story’s latter chapters.

This DLC Episode shows Prompto’s side of the story on what he does after he gets separated from the group up until he gets caught. Aranea Highwind does join in on Prompto’s quest briefly to help him out. For now, we’ll only have to wait for a few more days to get our hands in playing as one of Final Fantasy 15’s sunniest character.

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