Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis DLC: December-Bound Expansion Explains Why Resident Chef Has New Specs

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Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis Teaser Trailer image
Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis Trailer shows the titular character held at gunpoint by Niflheim forces

Similar to Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto, the upcoming DLC expansion starring master chef Ignis Scientia will fill in some missing plot details from the main game. The first Episode Ignis trailer was attached in the after credits scene of Episode Prompto, thus giving showing gamers a glimpse of the next expansion.

In the trailer, Ignis seems to have been captured by Ardynn Izunia and the Niflheim forces. Just before the trailer ends, we see a December 2017 release window along with the sound of a glass shattering, presumably Ignis’ eyeglasses. [Spoilers below]

During The Battle In Altissia?

After Noctis fought Leviathan, the prince wakes on a comfortable bed in Altissia with Ignis looking after him. Without much explanation, the game reveals that Ignis has gone blind.

As expected, Final Fantasy 15 Episode Ignis will explain what happened to the resident chef when the party of four split up to protect Altissia’s citizens and fight Leviathan.

In the game, Noctis had to strike a deal with the first secretary of Accordo to get in touch with Lunafreya and summon Leviathan. It was agreed upon that Noctis must ensure the safety of Altissia’s citizens, as the Niflheim empire was against Noctis’ goal of striking a covenant with Leviathan. Fans presume that Gladiolus and Ignis helped in safeguarding the citizens, as Noctis mostly ran solo on this Leviathan ordeal.

In a way, all the paid DLC expansions seems to be filling missing plot details in the main game. Episode Gladiolus tells why the greatsword-wielding guy abruptly leaves the main party while Episode Prompto details what happened after he got thrown out of the train by Noctis. Meanwhile, Episode Ignis could explain what happened during the Altissia evacuation and how he turned blind.

Director Hajime Tabata previously told DualShockers that Episode Ignis has the most story impact in the three bro-focused expansions. Basically, Square Enix kept the best bro story for last. A multiplayer expansion called “Comrades” is next in line after Episode Ignis.

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