Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus Final Trial Guide: How To Beat Cor The Immortal

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Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus Final Trial
Source: Episode Gladiolus PAX Trailer video

Players will be given a chance to go 1v1 against Cor “the Immortal” after beating the last boss in the Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus DLC. This fight will push players to the limit as they’ll have to play good defense and offense as Cor hits hard and even has an almost one-hit kill. Here are some tips to help you finish the duel against Cor Leonis.

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus Final Trial

Clearing the Episode Gladiolus final boss fight will unlock the sparring match against Cor Leonis. According to the Final Fantasy 15 lore, Cor has been called an “Immortal” due to participating in many wars and battles, all of which he managed to survive. He was even a key ally of King Regis during his younger years. Players will fight a character that’s technically more skilled and experienced than Gladiolus, and it does show on his damage and moves.

Reckless Offense Will Get You Killed

Cor is a hard hitter and a nimble opponent to fight during the duel. Carelessly swinging your sword will get you hit easily and parrying some of his attacks will mostly prompt him to retreat to a safe distance. Overall, trying to button mash the attack and block buttons will get you killed easily. Players only have three potions and one Phoenix Down to go by in this Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus Final Trial mode.

Tactics vs. Cor

Early in the match, most of Cor’s attacks are can be blocked and parried, which makes it viable to stand your ground than trying to dodge everything. However, successful parries on his basic attacks will make him do an evasive flip, which will make your counterattack miss. Players can opt to interrupt Cor’s attack by sliding in a swift sword strike during his attack animation, though it won’t deal much damage. Even though Cor sounds too difficult to defeat, he does have his weaknesses.

Some of Cor’s attacks glow blue which can be parried to make him vulnerable. Keep hitting Cor before he recovers to deal damage. Gladiolus deals decent damage as long as you can land your hits. Feel free to use your stronger Valor moves on Cor during this state as he’ll have no chance to move out of the way.

Cor’s Rage Mode

Cor gets to have a red aura buff on him when you send him to around half health. All of his attacks are unblockable during this state. He has the hard hitting leap attack which can heavily damage or outright kill you if it connects. At best, players will need to focus on dodging and keeping their distance until the buff runs out. Cor will reapply this buff as long as he has below half health so don’t get too cocky until this state ends.

Rinse and Repeat

Cor’s battle is more of a show of tactics rather than brute force. If you’ve played smartly and skillfully, you’ll definitely win the Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus Final Trial. Cor will commend you as worthy to defend Noctis after beating him. 

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