Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus DLC: Challenge Mode Reward Disrobes Noctis’ Sworn Protector

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final fantasy 15 episode gladiolus
Unlock shirtless Gladiolus. [Image from Reddit]

Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus excited many fans, since the “tank” character was charismatic and appealing, often overshadowing Noctis. The character’s episode DLC is available now for US$4.99 and promises an action-packed adventure for the team’s heavy. It seems like completing the DLC adventure’s challenge mode unlocks an extra bonus that will make fans squeal.

Thanks to this Reddit user, it was discovered that finishing the episode’s challenge mode unlocks shirtless Gladiolus. Gladio was never particularly shy about his physique, given the clothes that he wears, so this is a fitting prize. It will be interesting to see what episode Prompto gives the gun wielding optimist, assuming his episode has a challenge mode.

Gladio To See You

Players have been enamored with the game’s party for some time, so Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus is a good start. Aside from this episode, fans can also play as the tank character in Chapter 13 Verse 2 as an alternate option. Seems fair to say that the character will continue to gain momentum and popularity, thanks to his new shirtless look.

The game’s future updates should be interesting, since episodes for Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis as well as a multiplayer expansion are the only advertised paid DLC thus far. Fans have wanted Aranea to be playable as well and the developers are aware of this, so she could get a DLC episode soon.

Up Next: Episode Prompto

With Final Fantasy 15 Episode Gladiolus in the books, fans can now wait for Episode Prompto coming soon. Despite being a fairly light character, the quick previews we’ve seen of Prompto’s episode have been kind of dark and dare we say gritty. This makes the episode more interesting and could add more intrigue to the character.

Even those that don’t like the game can agree that the characters are somewhat interesting, so it’s good seeing them get solo spotlight episodes. Aranea should definitely get one, given the amount of requests the development team have gotten, plus the lack of prominent female characters. The game’s future after Episode Prompto holds many possibilities and could redeem the game to those that have given up on it.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. The season pass is also available for US$29.99, giving fans exclusive bonuses and paid DLC at a discount price.

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