Final Fantasy 15 DLC: The Standalone Episodes Waste The Game’s Potential

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final fantasy 15 dlc
Will Episode Prompto disappoint? [Image from Square Enix YouTube channel]

A preview for Episode Prompto, the latest bit of Final Fantasy 15 DLC, has seemingly impressed the game’s fans. Focusing more on over-the-shoulder shooting, the DLC episode looks like a fun alternative to the game’s hack-and-slash action normally used. However, while the additional DLC could be fun, it’s a waste of the game’s undeveloped potential, which hasn’t been maximized.

Now there is some interest in knowing how Prompto survived falling off the train, but like Episode Gladiolus, it’s limited. Since it is an “episode,” the DLC will likely be straightforward with a few side quests and alternate paths here and there. That doesn’t mean it will be bad, heck it looks fun to shoot baddies as Prompto, but it feels unimportant.

Mechanical Gameplay

Spoilers for the events of the game, but fans find out Prompto is a cyborg when they rescue him. In the main game, this felt hackneyed and unimportant, since the issue didn’t bother Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus at all.

The same can be said when Gladiolus left the group and to get stronger. The character gained enormous strength after his deadly trial in Episode Gladiolus. However, the character’s fruits of labor is never felt in the main game. To be fair, Episode Gladiolus didn’t venture into emotional territory. Final Fantasy 15 DLC Episode Prompto will undoubtedly rectify this issue by making the story feel a bit more personal, but it’s not new territory anymore.

For all of it’s flaws, Final Fantasy 15 has an awesome open-world, with a ton of side quests and monsters. While the free DLC will add some content to this, the paid DLC continues to offer small bite-sized gameplay segments. Players would rather have more story details and an absorbing open-world over filler segments that don’t add much.

Simply making the characters playable in the open world is a nice way to make the paid DLCs feel more substantial. With the abundance of hunting quests in Eos, using different characters to fight these encounters would make the experience feel varied.

With Eos being a large landmass and barren areas, there’s undoubtedly plenty of stuff Square Enix can do with it. The main missions also showed huge areas that many thought would become fully explorable, such as Tenebrae and Altissia. While players can roam around in Altissia, players can only explore a small part of the city.

Never Forget

Episode Gladiolus has decent gameplay, but it’s unimportant story and short length turned off some gamers hoping to enjoy it. If Square Enix isn’t careful, Episode Prompto could continue this trend and waste the game’s untapped potential yet again. Admittedly, the trailer to the latest Final Fantasy 15 DLC episode does look good, but it might not be enough.

Maybe Square Enix wants to make the DLC optional, but fans would rather have the cut story content instead. The company has continuously given free updates, but it is still annoying how incomplete the game is, despite plenty of side quests. Here is hoping this isn’t a trend, since an incomplete Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 7 remake would anger fans.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, along with Episode Gladiolus and the Season Pass. Episode Prompto will be released early next week on June 27, and is part of the aforementioned Season Pass. As of this writing, Episode Ignis has no release window yet, though expect a preview after Episode Prompto comes out.

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