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‘Final Fantasy 15’ DLC Guide: All the New Content to Expect in 2019

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Final Fantasy 15 DLC
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Fans of Final Fantasy 15 have even more to look forward to, even after the recent release of the game’s Royal and Windows editions. Most recently, the game’s developer and publisher, Square Enix, revealed more details on upcoming DLCs (downloadable content) which are set to see a release in 2019. Here’s a Final Fantasy 15 DLC guide on what to expect from future expansions.

Final Fantasy 15 DLC Guide: What Can Fans Anticipate?

Some fans may already know that an Episode Ardyn is in the works for 2018. Known as The Conflict of the Sage, this DLC episode will explore Ardyn’s story arc. It will give more insight not just on Ardyn as a character, but also his history with the line of Lucis.

Notably, at this year’s recent Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) East, Square Enix revealed that even more DLC episodes are slated for respective releases even beyond Episode Ardyn’s availability. Aside from Ardyn’s own DLC episode, there is also one for Aranea (The Beginning of the End), which will show more of Niflheim’s side of the story during the Starscourge. It is worth noting, however, that Aranea’s DLC is being referred to as a side story. As such, her DLC episode may not be as extensive as the others.

Next up, there is Episode Lunafreya, which is called The Choice of Freedom. Some may argue that Lunafreya was merely utilized as plot device in the main story of the game. Thus, news of Lunafreya having very own Final Fantasy 15 DLC may come as great news for several fans. The Choice of Freedom will venture more into Lunafreya’s obligation as the Oracle and her efforts in assisting Noctis during his own mission.

Interestingly, there will also be an Episode Noctis (The Final Strike). Seeing as a majority of Final Fantasy 15 was unraveled through Noctis’ perspective, a separate DLC episode for the game’s main protagonist could make for a new outlook on both the character and the entirety of the game.

Wrapping up the exciting line up is the revelation of an alternate ending to Final Fantasy 15. As to how director Hajime Tabata will approach this venture remains to be seen.

When Will the New DLCs Become Available?

Respective release dates on the aforementioned DLC episodes have yet to be disclosed other than a target window in 2019. Furthermore, Square Enix has not yet clarified whether or not these new DLC episodes will be included in the game’s current Season Pass, or if a new Season Pass will be offered for all the new content. Episode Ardyn, on the other hand, is slated for a 2018 launch.

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