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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Episode Prompto Play Area Possibly The Whole Niflheim Map

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Final Fantasy 15 DLC

In Final Fantasy 15, each of Noctis’ friends has a DLC that focuses more on their story. While a few details about Episode Gladiolus have already been revealed, there are none yet on Ignis and Prompto’s Episodes. However, some fans were able to go out of bounds and explore Niflheim’s vast empty territory where future content might happen. Will the Final Fantasy 15 DLC use the whole Niflheim map?

Episode Prompto

Currently, there are no details about the Episode Prompto yet. However, it’s possible that the Prompto Final Fantasy 15 DLC may pick up from when he fell off the train in Chapter 11. The main cast assumed he had been captured by the Niflheim forces when he fell off the train, so they attempted a rescue mission. Since Prompto’s alone after he fell off the train, he may have had a few adventures before he was completely captured.

Prompto’s Story

In the game’s story, Prompto was revealed to be an experimented child from Niflheim who managed to escape the facility. He was soon adopted by a Lucian family which gave him a chance to be in the same school as Noctis. Prompto’s goal is to be friends with Noctis which turns out fine, as seen in the game’s events. Prompto tries to be useful and is insecure of his position in the team. Perhaps Episode Prompto will cover these internal struggles of Prompto as he walks around Niflheim’s territory after falling off the train.

As seen in Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV’s video, a glitch allowed him to explore the Niflheim’s territory. However, the area seems incomplete as there are no buildings in sight and only a floating bridge and just plain train tracks can be seen in the area. Despite this, the area still looks pretty detailed. Potentially, this area may be filled with details for the DLC episodes once they become available.

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Prompto Alone?

Out of the main party, Prompto may have a unique playstyle as he doesn’t use any melee weapons to hit enemies. Prompto can defend himself with the Machinery weapons at close range, but he mostly resorts to shooting due to his low defense rating. If Prompto will be the sole character in Episode Prompto, players may have to shoot a lot of enemies along the way. Prompto’s first skill, Piercer, stays relevant through the whole game due to its reliable damage and defense break debuff. Players may just repeatedly rely on that move if they’re going to explore alone in the DLC. However, we’ll have to wait for Square Enix’s official announcement for this Final Fantasy 15 DLC to know Episode Prompto’s contents correctly.

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