Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Possible New Content At E3 2017

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final fantasy 15 dlc
A DLC announcement seems likely in this year’s E3. [Image from PlayStation Store]

Square Enix will not have a press conference this year, but did announce an E3 livestream for all three days. The company released their planned lineup for the event, one of which is mysteriously called Final Fantasy 15 Universe. It seems like the company will be expanding on the game, and we could see new Final Fantasy 15 DLC.

Fans are hoping to see Episode Prompto in the event, since that has been teased for quite some time and is scheduled for a June release. Many fans felt that Episode Gladiolus was a bit disappointing, and the teaser for Prompto’s DLC looks much more interesting. A preview of Episode Ignis would also be nice, since there has been very little information regarding that particular episode.

The Final Fantasy 15 Universe

It seems like Square Enix is ready to expand on their Final Fantasy 15 DLC plans, along with the universe. Players are hoping that we will see the cut content in the game soon, since the main campaign feels incomplete. As of this writing, there are still plenty of scenes that make little sense and the game desperately needs them.

Rumors of more FF 15 expansion packs surfaced before, and we could see that announced during the livestream. Said expansion would take place during the ridiculously long nap Noctis took near the end of the game. Plenty of interesting stuff was teased, like Iris and Cor becoming demon hunters, but we never see that in action. Additionally, Square Enix’s in-game survey also asks fans which character-specific expansions they’d like to see, and we could see these get unveiled at E3.

A Universal Reveal?

Despite feeling like an easy cash grab, there is plenty of excitement for the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC. The characters are interesting, and the initial premise was intriguing until the game’s incomplete nature started to show. Due to the character work, fans are willing to wait for the additional content, and maybe even pay for some of it.

Right now, the season pass doesn’t feel too special, though Episode Prompto is coming out this month. No firm release date has been announced for the DLC episode, which could be rectified during the Square Enix livestream. A teaser for Episode Ignis would be nice as well, since he was one of the more tragic characters.

Fans excited for the new content should go to the Square Enix Twitch or YouTube Channel from June 13 to 15. The Final Fantasy 15 Universe segment will take place on the 14th, which is kind of ironic. Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One, along with its US$29.99 season pass and Episode Gladiolus. A list of the company’s lineup can be seen in the company’s blog.

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