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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: All Cut Content In The Retail Game [Rumor]

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Final Fantasy 15 DLC

Due to the game?s fast story but long development time, some players speculate that Final Fantasy 15 may have cut content so it would be released on time. Additionally, earlier Final Fantasy 15 leaks also reveal the game?s cut content, which may have provided more details about the game?s flat characters. However, Director Hajime Tabata confirmed some Final Fantasy 15 DLC coming soon. Here?s what we know about the Final Fantasy 15 cut content.

Final Fantasy 15 Leaks

According to doosi?s thread on NeoGAF, a supposed employee who worked on Final Fantasy 15 decided to run an ?Ask me Anything? thread on 4chan. All of his answers were about Final Fantasy 15?s development process and content which could have been implemented in the game. Despite the game?s 10-year development, the insider said that Final Fantasy 15 was only worked on for three years. Character development, larger areas, and grander boss fights were detailed in the leak.

Traces of Cut

Despite Final Fantasy 15?s good quality, many players are starting to feel that the game has cut corners for it to be released early. As director Tabata confirmed himself, players will be pit from an open world experience to a linear, corridor-based gameplay as they progress on in the game?s story. Some of the characters like Gentiana, Ravus, Lunafreya, and Iris seems to have been intended for a larger role rather than interesting side characters. Altissia and Chapter 13 could have its hub world, as these cities has the potential for extra areas with its own smaller towns and cities.

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Final Fantasy 15

According to the official Square Enix site, Tabata has confirmed the Final Fantasy 15 DLC content which may try to cover up the missing content. So far, the Episode Gladiolus, Episode Ignis, Episode Prompto, and the Comrades expansion may hold some of these missing content. Moreover, Square Enix has confirmed a New Game+ coming to Final Fantasy 15 in a future DLC. In Japanese Role Playing Games, New Game+ mode allows the player to carry over items and levels from a save file and start the game again from the beginning. Perhaps, Tabata and Square Enix may sneak in some new scenes and content in the New Game+ mode of Final Fantasy 15

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