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Final Fantasy 15 DLC: Aranea, Iris, And Cor Confirmed For Multiplayer Comrades Expansion! Lunafreya Still Unconfirmed

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Final Fantasy 15 DLC

Recently, the??Ultimania? guidebook released exclusively in Japan, and it revealed about some upcoming DLC characters. The book confirms that Aranea, Iris, and Cor will be playable characters in an upcoming Final Fantasy 15 DLC. Here?s what we know so far about these upcoming characters.

DLC Characters Confirmed

According to Dualshockers, Tumblr user Superespresso translated that Aranea, Iris and Cor are confirmed to be playable in the Comrades expansion. Meanwhile, Lunafreya is still unconfirmed she’ll be playable. Potentially, this DLC may fix the never-changing party throughout the whole game.

False Alarm, Needs Verification?

Despite Dualshockers’ report, Superespresso expressed concern about his finding?s mention in the article. The Tumblr user claims in his tags that he may have some people that are ?out for his blood? about this finding. Regardless if this is a literal or figurative concern, the Final Fantasy 5 ?Ultimania? guidebook may need a few more fact-checking on translations again to make sure that information is true.

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Character DLC Potential

So far, all of the mentioned characters have a strong chance to become playable DLC characters soon. Recently, players discovered a bug to permanently recruit Aranea into their party. She can also be brought to pictures and pose accordingly with the main party.

Meanwhile, Iris has been indirectly confirmed in leaks and it?s said that she was intended to be a playable character in the original story. Her main weapons could have been fists, according to leaks. Additionally, her black sailor uniform regular costume fits well with the main party?s black motif.

Cor briefly joins the party as he helps the player get their first Royal Arms weapons. Cor actually has a Tech Bar attack mapped on the Down directional button, so he?s almost a complete party member. However, players don?t have the freedom to change Cor?s equipment during his stay.

Lastly, Lunafreya as a traveling party member is problematic due to the events in Chapter 9. However, fans may want to see the future King and Queen of Lucis interact in the world. It may be a good shot to include her as a DLC character anyway. At best, all four reported Final Fantasy 15 DLC characters have strong chances as the Multiplayer ?Comrades? DLC is still yet to arrive.

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