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Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle Ad: Ramuh And Titan Are Hungry For More Noodles In New Nissin Commercial

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Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle is one of the most glorious things about the game. If the RPG proved anything, it’s that product placement has a place somewhere in the video game medium. Usually, ads in video games are very painful, but Final Fantasy 15 has made Cup Noodle a fun joke that keeps us hungry.

A new ad for the delicious food actually features the summons from the game. It’s a nice bit of fan service and a cool way to acknowledge the silliness of the partnership. The humor in this might not be for everyone, but those that love the game will find plenty to like in this ad by Nissin.

Cup Noodle 15

With tongue fully in cheek, this video of the latest Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle ad calls itself Cup Noodle 15. Plenty of humor can be found by fans of the game, like Titan and Ramuh looking for the yummy snack. It’s funny enough to get fans to try the Cup Noodle products out, which is the overall goal of course.

Hilariously enough, this is the second ad from Nissin that has Final Fantasy 15 in it. For a game as serious as it is, it’s nice to see these commercials put these characters in funny situations. What’s even more hilarious is that this isn’t even the first commercial that has Final Fantasy 15 in it.

Fantasy Noodles

Considering how fun these ads are, this won’t likely be the last Final Fantasy 15 Cup Noodle commercial. These are some of the finest video game-related commercials ever released and more of them will be fun. It’s not clear if this will improve the game’s struggling sales in Japan, but it should be enough to make some impact.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. The game might not be perfect, thanks to the weird second half, but the title does have plenty of good in it. The free?Holiday Pack will be available today for all regions, and those who purchased the?US$29.99 Season Pass can get the Holiday Pack + version.

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