Final Fantasy 15 Cheats: How To Sprint indefinitely On PS4 And Xbox One

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Final Fantasy 15

In the early parts of Final Fantasy 15, players will have to leg every point of interest as the Regalia cannot travel off-road. Players can rely on sprinting, but Noctis will stop if he runs out of Stamina. However, players found a trick to indefinitely sprint in the game. Here?s what we know so far about this unlimited stamina bar Final Fantasy 15 cheat.


Players will have to hold a button or the movement stick to make Noctis sprint. Sprinting allows Noctis to move faster and cover more ground as he moves towards an objective or position himself in battles. However, Noctis will stop running faster and will have to catch his breath if he runs out of stamina. Final Fantasy 15?s maps are enormous which makes traversing take too much time even when you sprint all the time.

Stamina Reset = Indefinite Sprint

According to PestySamurai?s thread on the Final Fantasy 15 Reddit, players actually have a way to refill their Stamina to continue sprinting. Players will have to press the Sprint button again when Noctis bobs his head or when his Stamina bar is about to run out. An easy way to do this trick is to turn on the Stamina Meter in the settings menu.

Doing this correctly will reset your Stamina bar and allow you to sprint some more. The Stamina resets can be done repeatedly as long as you do the time reset correctly, allowing you to sprint indefinitely. More than a Final Fantasy 15 cheat, it seems to be an unexplained system for players to discover as they play.


Players can use Stamina resets to move faster in battles. However, you can rely more on Warp Strikes and Point-Warps as they?re faster tools. However, remember to use Stamina resets if these moves aren?t viable for the battle.

Easily, players can use the Stamina resets to run across large stretches of off-road locations for missions, resources, or treasures. However, Sprinting isn?t always reliable as it only slightly makes a difference on your running speed. Rely on this skill until you have access to Chocobos as they?re better choices for traveling to areas that the Regalia can?t reach.

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