Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 13 Verse 2 Complicates All Beginner’s First Playthrough

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Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 13 Verse 2
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Recently, the new Final Fantasy 15 update included the new Chapter 13 Verse 2 playthrough. This alternate playthrough allows the player to experience Chapter 13 solely from the eyes of Gladiolus and Ignis.

While Chapter 13 Verse 2 is available in the main menu for those who have already finished the game, gamers on their first playthrough are given an option to choose which perspective to experience. While the alternate route can feel refreshing due to Gladio’s new gameplay systems, it lacks the emotional struggles and key plot points from Noctis’. [Spoilers below]

Understanding The Relevance of The Original Chapter 13

This alternate route in Chapter 13 features Gladiolus and Ignis searching for a way to reunite with Noctis. Early in the chapter, Noctis gets separated from the group as he explores the facilities on his own, paving the way for the game to highlight Ardynn as the main antagonist.

Chapter 13 was lambasted by many due for being too long and having an exhaustingly slow pacing. The game also stripped Noctis of his weapons and equipment, leaving him defenseless against his enemies.

This created a sense of hopelessness for Noctis as Ardynn tricks him into going around in circles. Some players resonated with Noctis’ hopelessness in the game, making them yearn for the company of Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto.

Missing Out on Key Details

The sense of hopelessness was the main focus of Chapter 13, but both the reworked Chapter 13 and Verse 2 nulls that experience. Choosing the Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 13 Verse 2 route will mean that the player will solely follow what happened on Gladiolus and Ignis’ side in the early parts of the chapter. Players can only control Gladiolus during this short playthrough.  

This route doesn’t show what happens with Noctis up until they get reunited later in the chapter. This means players won’t get to see important notes such as how Niflheim experimented on humans to turn them into daemons.

Noctis Makes a Sacrifice

Noctis also makes a huge decision in Chapter 13 to save his friends. Only in Noctis’ playthrough will players see Noctis force himself to wear the Lucii Ring to give him power. Putting on the ring also means that he’s now willing to be the heir of the throne rather than just giving him strong magic spells. Overall, Chapter 13 marks Noctis’ character maturity as he makes sacrifices and takes responsibility to save his friends. This character development arc briefly gets postponed once Noctis, Gladiolus, and Ignis reunite as the focus shifts on the search for Prompto.

At best, pick Noctis’ Chapter 13 playthrough first before going the Verse 2 path to have a complete Final Fantasy 15 experience. Currently, Final Fantasy 15 has the Episode Gladiolus DLC as its nearest content update. The free Booster pack content and Episode Prompto will be the next content after this release. Stay updated with more Final Fantasy 15 news here on TheBitBag.

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