Final Fantasy 15 Chapter 12 Glitch: See Shiva’s Full Body With Out Of Bounds Glitch

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There are a number of noticeable glitches in Final Fantasy 15, which usually leads to some funny scenarios. Fans can often see their party mates get stuck walking on a wall or two. We have also seen the body of Noctis distort a bit when he runs for some odd reason.

However, there are also some glitches that can give gamers a neat little visual or two. One of these neat visuals is seeing the full body of Shiva, without the snowy parts covering her private areas. It’s definitely something fans have wanted to see for some time, though that might not be a good thing.

Son Of A Glitch

Players can activate this Final Fantasy 15 glitch in Chapter 12, when Shiva makes her appearance. This was discovered in a YouTube video by a user named Ben L and getting out the mission area only needs players to use Gladiolus’s tech ability. After getting out of the main area, players can roam around and see the fully modeled body of Shiva.

From what can be seen in the video, it’s quite a lengthy walk before players can see anything. Some will say that the walk is worth it, but clocking at nearly five minutes, it might not be. Shiva looks great and all, but most players would prefer finishing the battle at hand.

Shiva In Fear?

Some fans might get a kick out of seeing Shiva’s full body in Final Fantasy 15 and that’s understandable. The summon has been around for the longest time and fans have always wanted to see her like this. That said, the reward for the five minute walk is minimal at best and has no impact on the game.

It will be interesting to see if there are other similar glitches for the other summons in the game. That might be unlikely, since the other summons are male and are usually unattractive, but who knows? Either way, the game clearly has a few more glitches to discover and eagle-eyed gamers are one the look out.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. Those pondering about the game can download the Platinum Demo and try it out first.

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