Final Fantasy 15 April Update Fixes Botched 60FPS PS4 Pro Patch, Timed Quest To Bring ‘Luxury Weapons’

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Final Fantasy 15 April Update
Source: FINAL FANTASY XV – Reclaim Your Throne Trailer | PS4 video

Recently, a Japanese news website revealed details about the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 April update contents. The new patch this coming April 27 will include a new system to fix the broken PS4 Pro 60 FPS feature. Lastly, a new Timed Quest is expected to introduce unique monsters and reward the player with “luxury weapons”.

April Update Contents

According to Zetsunaii’s translation of’s Final Fantasy 15 article, the April update will contain a stabilized frame-rate mode, text interface tweaks, and a new Timed Quest complete with unique monsters and rewards. Lastly, a new Regalia sticker and a new song will be added as of this new patch. Overall, the Final Fantasy 15 April update is mostly focused on improving the game’s systems, implementing few content and no major expansions as of now.

Stabilized Frame Rate Mode

Previously, the Final Fantasy 15 patch 1.05 removed the game’s locked FPS mode for PS4 Pro users and replaced it with a wildly unstable variable frame-rate mode. This new mode does allow players to hit a higher FPS, but the FPS inconsistency could annoy some fans especially during combat. The new Final Fantasy 15 April update will introduce a “stabilized frame rate” mode which aims to solve this issue for PS4 Pro users.

Timed Quest

Additionally, the new Final Fantasy 15 timed quest will feature unique monsters only seen in this update. The new monsters look like a large, living tree monster that towers over the main characters, but not as large as Adamantoise. Apparently, beating this new timed quest monsters will reward players with “luxury weapons”. Details about the luxury weapon rewards weren’t revealed in the Japanese article. The new timed quest will also have a leaderboard added along with it.

Other Updates

Lastly, a new Regalia car sticker, new song in the music player, and text recalibrations have been confirmed in this patch. Aside from the stabilized frame-rate feature , these new updates are mostly minor cosmetic content that barely affect Final Fantasy 15 gameplay. Currently, Square Enix hasn’t shown any announcement or hints if the delayed free Booster pack DLC will make it along with the April update. Stay updated with more Final Fantasy 15 news here on The BitBag.

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