Final Fantasy 15 April Update: What To Expect

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Final Fantasy 15 April update
Source: Final Fantasy XV – Spring 2017 Update Trailer video

Currently, Square Enix is yet to announce what’s in store for the Final Fantasy 15 April update. One of the studio’s DLCs got pushed back due to its striking resemblance to the characters of the Super Sentai Series. Fans are speculating that the delayed DLC will arrive this April along with the Timed Quest reactivation for this month.

Timed Quest for April

So far, the Japanese Final Fantasy 15 Twitter confirms a new timed quest this coming April 27 for Japan. As of the previous timed quests, completing these special missions grant large experience and money rewards. New players can use these event quests to level up and earn a huge amount of AP. Those with strong enough characters can opt to farm some Gil from these missions. Square Enix has promised to update the fans about more of the Final Fantasy 15 April update on their official Twitter account.

Booster Pack DLC 

Final Fantasy 15 fans on the game’s dedicated subreddit are speculating that the delayed Booster Pack DLC could released along with the new timed quest this April 27. Previously, Square Enix pulled out the free Booster Pack DLC to change its design. The free DLC pack included Magitek Exosuit outfits for its protagonists and it had an unintended resemble with the costumes from the Super Sentai series, hence the pull-out. We’ve yet to see the new appearance of these free DLC costumes. However, Square Enix has yet to speak up about the release date of this delayed DLC.

April Fool’s Episode Kenny Costume Potential

As for other Final Fantasy 15 events this April, Square Enix celebrated April Fool’s Day through releasing an announcement about “Episode Kenny”. The trailer features the Crow’s Nest diner mascot with the power of the “Arimgoldfish”, which is like Noctis’ Armiger but only with fish. Square Enix has confirmed that this was only a joke in a latter Tweet.

However, the Japanese Final Fantasy 15 fans received the Nissin Cup Noodle headgear as an actual in-game DLC. Players only had to order a special edition Final Fantasy Cup Noodle collection from Nissin and use its DLC codes. Due to this release, it’s not impossible for a Crow’s Nest mascot costume to be released just to follow up with this silly prank.

Future Content

The next known expansion coming to the game is Episode Prompto, which is slated to be released in June. Prompto’s episode DLC trailers feature him tearfully shooting a figure in the snow. Additionally, the developers have confirmed a large worm boss fight in Episode Prompto. Meanwhile, both Episode Ignis and the Comrades multiplayer expansion has yet to receive a release window.

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