Final Fantasy 15 AP Farming Guide: Fastest Way To Get 999 Points For Ascension Grid

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Final Fantasy 15 AP has been a pretty important topic to RPG fans in recent weeks. Players need a ton of this to get certain skills and stat improvements throughout the game. That might not sound like much, but some of these skills include new attack combos and increased Link Attack capabilities.

Numerous fans have been trying to find ways to farm AP in the game. Fortunately, it seems like?Reddit paul the page?has found the best way to make 999 AP in a short span of time. Granted, it?s not the easiest thing to do, but the result is worth it. Best of all, it can be done in about 30 minutes or so, making this an ideal farming method.

Release The Hounds

Players will need to have the most recent update if they want to farm Final Fantasy 15 AP easily. Make sure the following items are equipped:

  • Armiger Accelerator
  • Blitzer?s Fanfare
  • Warrior?s Fanfare
  • Armiger Action (Ascension Node)

Now, go to the standard location in Three Valleys with the Shield of the Just and Whistle to call the dogs. Don?t attack until the party fully enters into battle mode. The player?s timing has to be precise; otherwise, all of the dogs will be killed too fast. Avoid warp strikes since players will lose AP if they?re done.

Players should activate Armiger to get 1+ AP, but they have to make sure all of the dogs are dead. Even if one is still alive, the Armiger bar will be wasted, along with time to continue farming. 3+ AP will be given to players if they get straight A?s in the report card. Before the card disappears, summon more dogs and repeat the process.

Success In Failure

Even if the party ends up killing all of the dogs, players will still get 4+ Final Fantasy 15 AP. As long as players keep up with their timing and continuously summon dogs, they should get 999 AP in 30 minutes or so.

Final Fantasy 15 can be purchased now on PS4 and Xbox One. The game has received a bit of a mixed reaction, but most of it has been positive. A free holiday-themed DLC pack is available now, with season pass owners getting an enhanced version with better extras.

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