Final Fantasy 15 Amazon Road Trip: Can’t Get Your Rewards? Here’s Why

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Final Fantasy 15 Amazon Road Trip

Many players are facing issues with Final Fantasy 15 Amazon Road Trip DLC codes. Redeeming the codes doesn?t seem to work well. Some players suggest that they got used codes, while some of them have not even received any email with codes. If you?re facing these issues, here?s what you can do to resolve it.

Codes are Invalid/Redeemed

One of the major Final Fantasy 15 Amazon Road Trip codes issues reported by players are related to the validity of the codes. For some players, the codes they received for Travel Pack, Camera Kit, and Gourmand Set are invalid or have been redeemed already. If you?re facing the same issues and none of the codes?are working, there are chances that you may have hit the redeem button multiple times. The codes you get in multiple emails are replaced by new ones which you should get in the most recent email.

Codes Are In Junk/Spam Folder

For many players, the email containing codes landed in the junk/spam folder. So if you have not checked the folder, there are chances that you may have received the codes, but the emails are waiting in the spam folder.

Use A New Email Address

This may sound crazy, but it worked. A player on Reddit suggests that when he was trying to redeem the codes through an email address, no codes were given to him. Later he changed the email address and tried to redeem the code and all of them worked perfectly.

Amazon, Square Enix and Sony Are Aware of The issues

Reddit user Torric22 got an update from Amazon regarding the Final Fantasy 15 Amazon Road Trip code issues. The company told the player that the developer and publisher are aware of the issues and are working to eliminate the root cause of the problem. Just like him, other players got assurance from Sony and Square Enix. If you haven?t considered any of the cases stated above, you should give them a try because many players successfully got and redeemed codes by doing so.

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