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Final Fantasy 15 1.03 Update: Tweaked Chapter 13, 60fps PS4 Pro Patch, And More Features You Shouldn’t Expect

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Final Fantasy 15 1.03 Update

Final Fantasy 15 is definitely one of the hottest games of the year. The new game from Square Enix certainly satisfied the craving of Final Fantasy fans. This is particularly true to those who have been waiting for the next installment of the game. Recently, the Final Fantasy 15 1.03 update became available and gamers were excited as to what features will be added. Unfortunately, it appears that the Final Fantasy XV 1.03 update is not what many were expecting.

When the Final Fantasy 15 development was underway, Square Enix promised gaming fans several exciting features. Among these are God mode, exciting cut scenes, improving Chapter 13 of the game and backgrounders for its characters.

Final Fantasy 15 1.03 Update

When word got out that there is a Final Fantasy 15 1.03 update, many gamers were hoping that some of these great features will finally be introduced in the game. Sadly, the patch notes for the update revealed that it is sorely lacking any significant updates.?

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According to the Final Fantasy 15 1.03 update patch notes shared by Reddit user OnePumpChump, the update only includes various bug fixes, the New Game+ game mode and additional bonus content. It did not contain the other features which many have been excited about.

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The update is certainly a very big disappointment to some who have been expecting improvements in Final Fantasy 15. Square Enix had promised God mode, more cut scenes and an improvement in Chapter 13 by increasing the strength of the Ring magic though all of these are not found in the update. The 60fps PS4 Pro Patch which many have been waiting for is also not included in the recent update.

More Significant Updates Could Be On the Horizon

Final Fantasy 15 fans will just have to settle with the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 Holiday Pack DLC which is set to become available on December 22nd. Hopefully after the DLC, Square Enix will already be working on the more significant updates to the game.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Final Fantasy 15 as well as on other great games which are releasing soon.


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