Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age: The Best New Weapons And How To Get Them

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Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age launched last week and the rerelease of the PS2 classic comes with a lot of new things. Along with the host of new features are several new ultimate weapons that further expand the arsenal of the game. Among these new weapons are a few must-haves that players should try to get as soon as possible.

Since there are 14 weapon types in the game, the ultimate weapons are subjected to change depending on the preference of the player. Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age introduces the 12 weapons found in the International Zodiac Job System version. They have been renamed to the Hindu calendar month names though. Aside from the weapons below, players should also look out for the Tournesol and the ever elusive Zodiac Spear.


This sword has an attack of 103 and as an added effect, players can get a 15 boost in evasion with the Simha. To get it, players will need to sell three Bazaar Lifewicks, a Lesach Halcyon and four Ring Wyrm Scales.


The Vrscika is the best hammer/axe type weapon in the game. It has an attack of 33 and a bonus of 5 to evasion. Moreover, the weapon has a high combo rate so it can strike a few times per turn. To get the weapon,  players will need to sell three Bazaar Charged Gizzards, three Wyrm Bones and four Scorpio Gems.


This weapon is considered as the best gun in the game. With an attack bonus of 66 and an evasion bonus of 25, it’s one of the highest damaging guns. To get this, players will need to sell three Bazaar Silver Liquids, two Emperor Scales and eight Earth Crystals.


For those who are keen on using crossbows, the best one to get in the game is the Tula. It has the highest damage in its weapon class with an attack bonus of 91. To grab this weapon, players will need to grab it from the Pharos Lighthouse – Second Ascent (Station of Suffering) as a treasure. It can also be acquired from the Hunt Clan shop.

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