Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age: Hunts, Gambits And More Tips To Get You Started

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Square Enix is giving RPG fans a treat with the rerelease of Final Fantasy 12. The title is now available on the PlayStation 4 and it comes with a few new improvements. Despite the overhaul in graphics and gameplay, the core experience still remains in Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age and those who missed the game the first time around should listen to these tips first.

Complete Hunts

Hunts are basically the same in Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age and Final Fantasy 15. It requires players to slay a very powerful monster for a few rewards. There’s no shortage of hunts in Final Fantasy 12 and players should get to completing this as soon as they can. Hunts are more difficult to find in this title as they aren’t placed on the map. Instead, players will have to rely on rumors and hints as to where these creatures are.

Talk To NPCs

It’s best to talk to NPCs scattered all throughout the game as they give really handy information. NPCs are especially useful in determining the location of a hunt. NPCs also give players a better look into the game’s world.

The Progression System

The character progression system in Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age is similar to the one found in the International Zodiac Job System version of the game. Instead of having a free-for-all grid, players can choose a specific paths for their characters based off of typical Final Fantasy classes such as Red Mage, Thief and more. It’s best to plan ahead and think of what class a character should have.


One of the unique features of Final Fantasy 12 is the Gambit system. This allows players to fully customize how an AI ally acts in battle. Gambits can be customized any time and it’s very good to test out different Gambits depending on the situation at hand.

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