Final Fantasy 12 Remake Revealed By Music Composer

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A Final Fantasy Composer named Arnie Roth accidentally/purposely revealed a Final Fantasy 12 remake during a live Final Fantasy Orchestra at the Distant Worlds symphony.

Final Fantasy (FF) fans ecstatically took to Twitter to break the announcement as they were hyped for another remake even as Square Enix only announced a Final Fantasy 7 Remake this June at the Square Enix E3 conference.

A video then surfaced showing Roth announce the game on-stage at the symphony.

Why The Final Fantasy 12 Remake Might Be True

Gamescom 2015 is only just a week away and Roth?s FF?12 remake announcement may have been an accidental leakage especially as Square Enix (SE) announced they will be stepping-up their game from their E3 2015 showing. A recent ad hinted the?Final Fantasy 7 Remake to be released in 2016, meaning if they can finish production that fast, they may release a new game as soon as possible.

Square Enix recently said they would ?set another mark with the biggest show in history? and will make ?new announcements? and ?reveals? in the coming weeks.

Why The Remake Might Be?A Bluff

The announcement?may have been a wrong choice of wording for Roth as he might have interchanged the term ?remake? for ?remaster?. These two are completely different as ?remake? means a complete overhaul of the game? like with the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake? while ?remaster? means upping the game?s settings for the graphical capabilities of the latest consoles.

FF?12 is also the only game that hasn?t received a remaster yet, reports said, strengthening the possibility that it isn?t a full-fledged remake. Square Enix also wouldn?t be having a press conference at Gamescom.

FF?12 also isn?t one of the most well-received Final Fantasy game as some fans didn?t like the game?s departure with the turn-based battle system. Some?also claimed the game to have a weaker story compared to others from the franchise.

FF?12 was released on the PS2 last 2006. A remake or remaster would mean that more users would be able to play it on more platforms.

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