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FiiO X5 Portable Music Player Arrives with Exciting Features at a Cheaper Price

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FiiO?s portable music players are now available. With the new Audio ? Technica ATH ? M50x over ? the ? ear headphones and its very afforable price, the X5 would surely make everyone?s music experience a blast.

Pono Versus FiiO X5?

Just recently, Neil Young presented his Ponomusic Kickstarter campaign. It is also a high ? resolution portable music player, which will start shipping in October. Since the FiiO X5 is now out and cheaper, this headphone deserves a shot.

The X5 runs on Ingenics 4760B dual ? core 600MHz CPU and supports all six major music formats. It handles APE, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA and DSD files. While this player lacks internal memory, Pono cannot decode DSD and the X5 still has slots for a pair of 128GB MicroSDs, upgradable up to 256GB of storage capacity.

The aluminum chassis measures a slim 2.7 inches by 0.6 inches by 4.5 inches. The X5 is a portable device, but you can also use it as a USB digital converter or headphone amp using your computer. Its connectivity options include an analog stereo, a 3.5mm headphone and coaxial digital output jacks.

iPod Classic Versus X5

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The FiiO X5 produces a more powerful sound than the iPod Classic. When you play identical ALAC files on both players, the sound quality differs greatly. The X5 produces pristine sound quality that people would be surprised to know how affordable it is. It can also drive insensitive headphones better than most phones.

The X5?s clarity and power go beyond a person?s expectations, especially from an all ? in ? one portable music player, headphone amplifier and digital converter. The resolution is extraordinary, as well as its bass power, dynamics and definition. Imagine listening to an acoustic track, where you can clearly sense the guitarist?s fingers moving over the strings. The experience is phenomenal.

The FiiO X5?s sound quality is commendable, but the navigation and controls are a bit complex. The text on the screen display is small and difficult to read. The music player also crashes once in a while and would require you to restart the device. However, the X5?s stellar sound quality and affordability still makes this music player a worthy pick.

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