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Fights on a Moving Train: World of WarCraft’s Dungeon is a Boxcar

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In movies, we frequently see a lot of fight sequences happening on top of a moving car, truck, or boxcar. There?s something about moving vehicles or objects that makes the action ten or a hundred times hotter when you?re watching. There are quite a lot of movies that use it, and each of these movies, however bad the acting or the story may be, were action-packed because they had these fights happening.

A?scene that come to mind is?the one in the Matrix series, where Morpheus fights one of the agents atop a moving truck. Another one that comes to mind is the movie Snowpiercer. It?s not technically a fight above the train, but in it, where the protagonist fights against an authoritarian regime that cares little for classes. Then there is the scene in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter where the fictional Lincoln and his friend fight vampires on top of their moving train, en route to a crucial battlefield.

In the gaming world, there?s no shortage of scenes like these, but then again, with the overwhelming number of games, scenes like these are few and far between. Notably, you?d expect to see these scenes in a first-person shooter like Modern Warfare or Call of Duty, maybe even Battlefield or Battlefront. But what about massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) like World of WarCraft?

Speaking of Snowpiercer, maybe this was one of the inspirations for this new dungeon. This dungeon will be included in a new expansion of the game. The surface on where the characters will be fighting on will be a huge, moving train, a property of the Iron Horde.

This huge, iron bullet seeding through the railways of the game is no innovation. If you can remember correctly, back in WarCraft II, the Gnomes used submarines. The Icecrown Citadel also saw the Gunship Battle happening just within its confines. ?And oh, don?t forget the Deeprun Tram, which connected Ironforge and Stormwind City. This wonder of orcish technology just fits right in, then.

This five-man dungeon is going to be named Grimrail Depot, and if you?re wondering where you can already play it, you?ll be delighted to know that Warlords of Draenor?s beta already has the dungeon in it, albeit an early version.

Mechanized objects aren?t new in the world of WarCraft, in general. While WarCraft II had those things, WarCraft III saw the goblins utilize the same thing. They had the Goblin Zeppelins, and as for the humans, they had those warships, Steam Tanks, and Gyrocopters they used. The Night Elves had the simplistic ships that they used to chase Ilidan Stormrage, while the Orcs had the Orcish catapults.

Watch HeelvsBabyface?s video in a play through in the new dungeon.

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